update 02.07.2010

Rockies Short

Silverado green

Silverado red

Golden Filter

Canaba KS

Reefer Rollers

Party in House Hip Hop Jam Thin Paper

Pure Hemp Amsterdam

Pure Hemp unbleached

Huzar green

Huzar blue

Dark Horse

Smoking Slim Size 12

Smoking Slim Size 13

Smoking Slim Size 14


Roll Up, Roll Up 1

Roll Up, Roll Up 2

Roll Up, Roll Up 3

Marie extra Slim

Javannse Classic 1

OCB Premium 1,25 1

OCB Premium 1,25 2

Columbus new


Job red 1,25

Job Single Wide

Smoking enjoy Freedom small size

Smoking blue enjoy Freedom small size

Smoking blue 100

Smoking Master 100

Smoking Master 1

Smoking red 100

Smoking white 1

Dampkring Coffeeshop

Rototom Sunsplash without Tips

OCB 1,5 inside Autom. Rolling Box

Old Roller

Le Nil Ship

St. Raphael 1



Baby Woodrose

Polinator Company

Kill the Zoo

Rototom Sunsplash 1 papers & tips

Rototom Sunsplash 2

Pure Hemp 1,5

Job red 1,25 24 Leaves

Peter Tosh - Mick Jagger - Bob Marley

Roll Up Mystical

Roll Up Rollin Eden

OCB Premium Slim Papers & Tips

Kanguroo KS

AK 47

Smoking orange new

Blueberry Skunk

Strawberry Skunk

Flava Blueberry Buzz

Flava Poppin Cherry


e-z wider 1,5 Wildberry

e-z wider 1,5 Strawberry

e-z wider 1,5 Pina Colada

e-z wider 1,25 Pina Colada

e-z wider 1,5 Grape


Detroit 1


Jolly Joker orange

Jolly Joker green

Jolly Joker yellow

Jolly Joker blue

Smoking Christmas Paper

Jumbo Slim

Traders red new glossy

Le Nil Gers


Zig - Zag N° 147 old

Club extrafin old

Gizeh Edition 100 with magnetic latch

Highland papers & tips

-,35 DM

Pascha 1

Top Single Wide 100 Leaves

Silka 100 Feuilles 10ct

OCB Premium Slim inside Slim Filters green

Le Nil 150 Feuilles

Rumay Renedentes

Rumay Barricada

Ruma Guerilla Urbana

Roghi N° 50

RS Small Size

Hornet 100 Dollar

Pro luxe papers & tips


Rizla KS red No. 1 in Nigeria

Nine Dragons