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2. Natural American Spirit pays organic tobacco growers nearly twice the market price-compared to conventionally grown tobacco-for certified organic flue-cured and burley tobaccos.

3.We set aside a portion of Natural American Spirit Cigarette sales, for the Natural American Spirit Foundation, an independentlly administered, not-for-profit,Charitable organization which benefits Native American causes and interests.

4.An article published in 1912 suggested substitutes for tobacco such as ground coffee, leaves of the tomato plant, and colt`s foot. Natural American Spirit Original Blend contains only 100% additive-fre, whole leaf, natural tobaccos.

5. Natural American Spirit offers four types of pouch tobacco: Original Blend, Organic Blend, 100% U.S Grown, and Pow-Wow Ceremonial Pipe Blend.

6. Our campany does Not engage in the practice of testing any Natural Spirit Tobacco products on animals.

7. In 1875, demand for pre-rolled cigarettes was so great that one company offered a $75,000 reward for a cigarette-rolling machine. Atural American Spirit Cigarettes are exclusively made in our own plant using state-of-the-art-machinery.

8. You can e-mail your questions or comments about Natural American Spirit Tobacco products to

9. When matches were introduced in the 1850s, smoking suddenly became more con venient. Natural American Spirit offers roll-your-own convenience with a full line of accessories including papers, filters, cigasrette tubes, and rolling machines.

10. The seeds of the tobacco plant are so small that a one-ounce sample (about the volume of a golf ball) contains more than 300.000 seeds - enough seeds to grow about fifty acres of tobacco.

11. A tobacco hand is a bundle of whole tobacco leaves tied together with a tie-leaf. Natural American Spirit offers hands of approximately twenty >Virginia tobaccos leaves that have been cured, but not aged.

12. One of our company`s enduring business principles is to offer informed adult smokers a premium, 100% additive-free, natural tobacco, alternative to standard commercial cigarettes and roll-your-own products.

13. Natural American Spirit pays organic tobacco growers nearly twice the market price - compared to conventionally grown tobacco - for certified organic flue-cured and burley tobaccos.

14. Tobacco was first used as currency in 1619, a practice that continued for 200 years. Natural American Spirit has offered smokers only the highest quality additive-free, natural tobacco for more then twnty years.

15. George Washington harvested his first tobacco crop at Mount Vernon in 1759. Natural American Spirit`s first certified 100% orgasnic tobacco crop was harvested in 1989.

16. Natural American Spirit is built on a foundation of truth in advertising. To that end, our products have always carried full tobacco ingredient disclosure.

17. Fine-cut tobacco, or shag, is cut into strips up to 1.2 millimeters wide for use in hand-rolling cigarettes. Natural American Spirit Roll-Your-Own Tobacco products include Original Blend, Organic Blend, and U.S. Grown Blend.

18. Natural American Spirit donates hands of tobacco and Pow-Wow Blend on request to recognized Anmerican Indian groups for cermonial purposes.

19. Our company is one of the founders of the institut for American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

19. Since 1987, our company has contributed annually to both the American Indian College Fund (AICF) and the Native American Rights Fund (NARF)

20. Natural American Spirit 100% U.S. Grown Blend contains about 94% flue-cured tobacco, sometimes called bright leaf or Virginia tobacco. Bundles of newly harvestes tobacco leaves are hung in curing barms where warm air is circulated to remove the moisture from the leaves.

21. The forced fermentation of Perique tobacco involves placing dried tobacco leaves into oak whiskey barrels under high pressure where the tobacco ferments in its own juices. Natural American Spirit is the exclusive producer of authentic Perique blend cigarettes.

22. In 1612, John Rolfe established the first tobacco plantations is what is now the Common wealth of Virginia. Natural American Spirit 100% U.S. Grown Tobacco is grown in Virginia as well as other Southeastern states.

23. In 1997, we established the Natural American Spirit Foundation - a not-for-profit organization that supports cultural sustainability, educational enrichment, and economic development within Native American communities.

24. Natural American Spirit`s philosophy is that by using only the best quality tobacco, no additives are necessary. It`s what has made us a different kind of tobacco company since we began over two decades ago.

25. Natural American Spirit Tobacco products use only the lamina, or leafy part, of the tobacco plant. No processed stems! To check the sterm content or another brand, place the tobacco in a glass of water. Watch the stems fall to the bottem while the lamina floats


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